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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 10, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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"fast" feud behind the scenes. >> it's a big mistake. >> the rock went on an instagram rant this week, ripping into male co-stars for being unprofessional and candy blanks. the post was apparently directed at co-star and producer vin diesel. the two reportedly clashed during production and held a secret meeting to talk it out. >> trying to make a movie that we'll be proud of. post. in the caption he wrote quote like with any team that's a family there's going conflict, family is going to have differences of opinion and fundamental core beliefs, to me conflict can be good thing whennis followed by great resolution, i was raised op healthy conflict and welcome it there's another twist, franchise co-star, tyrese gibson, had a message for fans -- the rock's rant is not about me. >> he posted and later deleted
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serenading his daughter, writing a man wouldn't be singing from his heart and soul to another man's little angel if he had a problem with her dad. he went on, does any of us know why bro decided to jump out there with his post? >> no egos, no politics, no drama. it was just getting in there and having a good time. >> tyrese was loving life when we talked to him about "fast & furrous" and his comments are more interesting than ever in light of a supposed vin/rock feud. >> somebody knew the rock coming on board is like we welcome the energy because a lot of us can get into thiel entitlement. i was here first. >> you know, people change with the times. tonight about amber h nasty divorce from johnny depp. court documents just released shed light on why amber's deposition apparently went off the rails and is raising concerns over her state of mind. >> the words to describe amber are succinct and brutal -- maniac. irrational.
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crying, of screaming. >> are you nervous about your deposition? >> all of this allegedly occurring in the hours following this arrival by amber, an hour and a half late to a deposition last saturda >> amber, why so late? >> why so late? >> depp's attorney, laura wasser, accused amber of refusing to go on the record to testify at all. instead she allegedly sat with her lawyers and cried on the telephone, yelled, screamed and paced in a separate room. >> as is typical with johnny's high-powered attorney, wasser gave nothing to the press yesterday. >> i have no comment. you guys know i don't like talking about our cases. >> amber's alleged action following her divorce filing on may 23rd and the temporary restraining order against johnny filed four days later. a hearing on extending that restraining order is scheduled for next week. but before that, heard was
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hysterically crying and pacing. she claims heard was scr and yelling at times and laughing at others. and that she appeared manic and irrational. but a source close to amber tells "e.t." that she did not scream or cry. but that there were intense settlement negotiations. >> she's in the uk working. >> meanwhile after yesterday's conference, to schedule the next hearing in the case, amber's attorneys projected nothing but calm. >> all she wants, she wants it she wants it over. >> we'll see how things go when johnny and amber and their attorneys get back together wednesday. the next court hearing. at least it is smooth sailing for beyonce and jay-z. and let me tell you, sasha appears even fierce when she hits the water. kicks off tonight's know and tell couples edition. they're living the life off the coast of italy. the couple left the comfort of this yacht to do a little jet ski and is it just us or do these two even make helmets and
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or maybe it's the sheer jumpsuit b is wearing under it. the pair was mobbed during a night out in capri. b rocked a short white dress. while jay sported a suit coat as they pushed through the crowd unable to escape the cameras. meanwhile katie and orlando said good-bye to italy and landed back in l.a. fully clothed. the pair made headlines during their european vacation, which included lots of pda and a pick at bloom in the buff. >> katy, this shot? >> katy tried to keep a low profile in a hat and tracksuit wheeling her bag through l.a.x. but we noticed the couple' matching beaded bracelets. jo jo, and new f jordan are dallas-bound. after packing up jordan's nashville home, they hit the road early. snapchating to their new home. >> and withhjordan behind the
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>> let's keep moving. michael weatherly of ncis fame is one of my favorite interviews. you never know where he's going to go. he was up to his old tricks the minute he sat down to chat about his new gig with our leanne aguilera. >> michael sat down to talk about his new show "bold." >> it's time we had a talk, don't you think? >> couldn't help turning back to "ncis" and one of its biggest fans. mary hart once me, i watch ncis, and i said oh and she said, in my bathtub. >> and i said you really like that mark harmon, don't you? >> honey i'm going to be in the bath for an hour. >> dr. phil is an executive producer and the show was inspired by mcgraw's early life aa a juried consultant. >> because it's about human behavior and psychology, i like it a lot.
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lob, or yub. >> the president gave me this watch. >> nixon? >> how well have you been able to read people since taking on this role? >> i'm a consummate professional. which means that i, the fakery is high. i have about the worst radar in town. >> i don't, i could -- the thing could be flying right at me. a machete and i'd be like hey is that a butter knife? oh, boom. >> i hate surprises. >> how has the transition been from l.a. to new york? have you moved your family out yet? >> no. they are here. i'm using much face-time. and apple plug. should i say i use my telephonic device to visually communicate and -- face-time. >> i need to check on leanne, there's nothing like your first michael weatherly interview. more news to get to about "the big bang theory." there were concerns this could
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because the cast is only under contract through this year. but the president of cbs said he is confident that they will get everybody back and the show will continue..o cf1 o so breathe easy, fans. >> that's me, i'm breathing easy. coming up next, joey fatone on the nsync reunion. >> we didn't leave on a bad note. breaking news on a new ocean movie with an all-female cast. which stars are taking t of clooney, pitt and damon. and chris pine gone rogue, smoking, the crazy mustache. he tells us about recent strange behavior, in song. >> like a cowboy.
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i love seth rogen's blasts. >> do you have an impression of him -- his laugh. >> no. [ laughter ] [ laughter ] >> not surprising that he has a derogatory impression of me. in his arsenal. >> actually those were all pretty good and that was just some of the fun at last night's premiere of "sausage party." the fatone was there, giving us the scoop of the nsync reunion. >> we were there for jt's birthday and we drank a lot. >> dinner and had a cake and kind of reminisced and hung out. >> i love that you guys still so close. that's why you're better than one direction. >> we actually do legitimately like each other. we were never really put together per so it was never like you look like a good-looking guy, that's the young one and the dumb one.
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>> i always say never say never. it's for us, everybody is doing their own thing. i'm selling hot dogs. >> joey shamelessly promoting his restaurant, fat one. it's perfect with what premiere of an animated food comedy. and while "sausage party" looks like a kid's movie, it certainly is not. >> this kind of -- family-friendly. >> bringing the kids. >> this is one you want to bring the kids to. >> no. you definitely don't. but in june, a raunchy and disturbing for kids trailer for the film accidentally ran before a "finding dory" screening packed with children. >> i would love to talk to those kid if you're watching this and
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these children, contact me. >> has your daughter been asking to see this movie? >> she so wants to go to the premiere. there's no way, very r-rated. >> selma said she won't let her daughter see the movie until she's 18. "sausage party" hits theaters this weekend. next weekend, the epic reimagining of the charlton heston classic, "ben hur." we jetted off to mexico city to hang with the cast. >> i tried to be very roman. i heard that you love the period costumes the most. what was your fa >> the hair. o cf1 o >> you love the lock >> yeah. >> what is your na >> "ben hur." >> i feel like the character itself has taken
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stepping on the sandals of charlton heston, i wouldn't have done the role. >> you're taking on a movi won 11 academy awards. >> it's a bold move. it's like taking on the bible. it could prepare us for anything. >> nischell is making her way back from mexico there will be another "oceans" movie. will this one be different. instead of clooney, pitt and cheadle, the new "ocean's ei will feature sandra bullock and cate bla plus anne hathaway and rihanna, very close to signing. shooting will start in october. >> did you notice the stars have something in common? >> what's that? >> girl power! and still ahead. them or us? the 60-year-old pulling a hello kitty suitcase and which celeb is snapchating her acupuncture
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then what in the world is up with chris pine? we explain. >> i decided to become handlebar gary. john legend opens up about his new baby and his perfect home life. well, almost perfect. >> it's frustrating.
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everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. are these celebs glam or us? first up, jenna's acupuncture afternoon. >> the first thing i do is call jeannie my maven puncturess. it looks as if mrs. tatum ge sick just like us. >> her glam remedy? getting stuck with a bunch of needles, the 35-year-old snapchatted her session yesterday. showing off the pins in her stomach and scalp. having fun with some filters. disneyland, fan-girl moment.
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later she was very glam posted this pic outside the entrance to the uber-exclusive members and celebrities only restaurant called club 33. carry-on. the actress was very us as she arrived at lax while pulling a hello kitty suitcase. the 60-year-old was looking casual chic, proving the key to looking young is staying young at heart. >> she is young at heart. geena is back on the screen with a remake of "the exorcist." meanwhile john legend is busy basking in the glow of his latest creation, his daughter luna. i sat down with john legend to talk about all the incredible and game-changing things that he's doing. we had to start with his beautiful new baby girl. ?? ?? >> did you actually understand how much you would love luna once she arrived? >> i was pretty excited from the beginning, but once she came out and she was actually a real thing that we could hug and love and see her develop -- it's a
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to see the product of your love right there in front of you. >> that really could be a lyric for one of john's songs. wouldn't you know it he's already written almost an entire new album just for little luna. >> i couldn't help but write about her. i was writing songs about her before she was born. it inspired one of the most beautiful songs on the album. kind of questioning what are you going to be like when you grow up? will you look like me or look like your mom? take on these traits or those traits? think about thrl in that world. >> luna's world is going through big changes. john and chrissy are in the middleremodeling the $14 million mansion they bought from rihanna. >> our house might be on a bigger scale, but it's still frustrating. you want to move in and it's not ready. and everybody knows when it's it goes over budget and it goes over time and you know, no matter how expensive it is, it's always more expensive than they
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just on a different scale. ?? ?? >> now here's a look at how fatherhood has influenced john. speaking on a panel at last night's "unlock your potential" tv academy event. the singer, songwriter, super producer of the inspiring drama "underground" shared how he's trying to inspire change, one product at a time. john wants to make the world better, not just for his child, but for children everywhere. important? >> in america we are the most incarcerated country on the planet. if we want to live in a truly free country, we can't be the leader in locking people up. >> please explain how you manage everything in yyur life right no >> there's a lot of work to be done. for me still family is the most important. ? >> boy is that girl beautiful. and john is doing great things.
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first date, you can check it out at chris pine is a soft-spoken se we can't resist. but a whole different side oo captain kirk, one that you're going to quite enjoy. that's squeaky clean side as it cuts loose in texas. >> like your shirt today. >> thank you, i really love this kind of '50s, '50s throwback, except for the tightest jeans coy find today. >> but how to explain this strange behavior at a recent q&a. >> anybody or everybody on our panel. >> chris pine chucking the mic was probably my favorite moment, ever. ? like a damm cowboy ?? >> and answering our questions with song. >> like a "rainbow." >> we're came up with three possible explanations for the mic drop. a, chris was tired, b, he tossed
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whatever the reason, we're loving that the usually straight-laced star let loose, like when he explaineddwhat was up with this look. >> i was thinking my god, i have this wonderful potential art project on my face and to the complete mortification of my publicist, i decided to become handlebar gary. >> chris goes full-on cowboy with co-star and actual best friend, ben foster in the new film "hell or high water" they real life who would be the better bandit. >> who would be driving the getaway car? >> we'd have to fight for that. who is the better driver? >> i don't know about better, i just drove more. who is cracking under pressure in the interrogation room? >> definitely me. >> i didn't think captain kirk cracked under pressure. >> apparently chris does. when we come back we'll tell you which megapop star is ne up in carpool karaoke with james
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>> announcer: travel consideration provided by -- >> we just found out up next in carpool karaoke with james corden. britney spears.
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little schoolgirl outfit, really short. that would be amazing. and rob lowe getting roasted on comedy central. tomorrow rob fights back. bye, everybody. >> we were just talking about kelly ripa and here she is. >> not f you're being roasted. >> rob is turning the tables on roast master david spade and only we're on the set as rob unleashes.
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